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Birthday Marquee + Surprise

Birthday Marquee + Surprise

Excluding Sales Tax

Celebrate your child's special day by having their name in lights on the Rucker Elementary electronic marquee. During the week of your child's birthday, we will display their first name and last initial along with their birthday on the scrolling marquee. There are two levels available.


   * Name only - $20 - display your child's name on the marquee only

   * Name and surprise -$25 - in addition to your child's name on the marquee, they will also receive a FREE slurpee coupon and a balloon.   

*If your child has a birthday during summer or holiday, you can choose to display their birthday on the "half birthday" or Friday leading up to the holiday, so you can be sure to see it!


**We must receive your order ONE WEEK PRIOR to actual display requested date.

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